Crystal Forms

Using crystal forms allows for the customization of the transactional documents such as order acknowledgements, pick tickets and invoices. There are many different customizations that can be made to all of your forms. Below are just a few examples of what can be done.

Order Acknowledgement

  • Adding the order takers phone and email address
  • Removing canceled items
  • Move/Resize company logo
  • Adding carrier name
  • Adding payment terms

 Pick Ticket

  • Add a barcode of the pick ticket number for use with Worldship (and other areas)
  • Add shipping collect account number
  • Add static text for pickers to initial showing who picked the pick ticket


  • Add notes such as "Remit To" address
  • Remove fields that are not needed. One example could be the "Discount Due Date" and "Discount Amount" (if no discount is available)
  • Add statement showing how much the finance charge would be if invoice is not paid on time


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