Portals are a form of report that can be added inside your ERP system to show various forms of information. These portals can be added as a new tab in the portal view window or in a new tab in other windows. Portals can show summary information to let users know what has happened in a specific time frame or can be used to help identify potential problems in your system. Portals can use filters with input values from the user to refine results shown. Some examples of portals we have made are shown below and grouped into categories. Feel free to contact us about these or any other portals your business might need.



AP Cash Flow by Month


  • ap_cash_flow_by_monthap_cash_flow_by_month

AP Different Period


  • ap_different_periodap_different_period

Check Register


  • check_registercheck_register

CMI Email Log


  • cmi_email_logcmi_email_log

New Customers


  • new_customersnew_customers

New Ship To

Shows a list of newly created Ship To items waiting to be verified in Ship To Maintenance.

Open AR

Shows open accounts receivables grouped by customer in 30 day buckets. Highlights customers that have cash collection call assigned to invoices (One color for past due cash collection calls and a different color for calls that are not past due).
Available in a tree or grid view.

  • open_aropen_ar
  • open_ar_gridopen_ar_grid

Open Customer Credits

Shows open invoices and credits for customers that have open credits.

Orders on Credit Hold

Shows all orders on credit hold. Shows additional key columns that the built in portal does not show to help identify the reason the orders are on hold: Customer Credit Limit, Credit Limit Used, AR Days Past Due, Validation Status

Orders Without Tax Jurisdictions

Shows open orders that do not have any tax jurisdictions assigned to them

  • orders_without_tax_jurisdictionsorders_without_tax_jurisdictions

Requisition Item GL Account Review

Shows GL accounts associated with requisition items. This portal is helpful to identify standard items that have been changed to requisition items but not had the GL accounts changed properly

  • requisition_item_account_reviewrequisition_item_account_review

Unvouchered Landed Cost

Landed costs that have been received into the system and not converted to vouchers

  • unvouchered_landed_costunvouchered_landed_cost

Unvouchered POs

POs that have been received into the system and not converted to vouchers

  • unvouchered_posunvouchered_pos


Duplicate Items

Shows items that potentially have multiple versions of the same item setup in the system.

Inventory Receipts


  • inventory_receiptsinventory_receipts

Item Drill Down by Bin

Similar to the inventory drill down by bin window, but accepts wildcards for bin ids allowing a user to show multiple bins at the same time.

  • item_drill_down_by_binitem_drill_down_by_bin

Item ID History

Shows a log of item merges and edit item IDs in the past "x" days. Prompt allows for user to select number of days to look back. Shows old item ID, new item ID, date changes were made, and the user that made the changes.

  • item_id_historyitem_id_history

Item Margins *

Tab in Item Master Inquiry that shows what selling price would be based on desired margins.

Item Notes

Shows all non-deleted item notes with the ability to drill into Item Notepad Maintenance to edit the note.

  • item_notesitem_notes

Item Usage

Shows the monthly usage for all locations.

  • item_usageitem_usage

Items in Multiple Bins

Shows items that are in multiple bins for the purpose of consolidating into single bins.

Items Missing Serial Numbers

Shows items that are in stock but do not have enough serial numbers in stock to match the quantity in stock.

Items Under Minimum Qty

Shows items that are below the inventory minimum that is set in item maintenance.

New Inventory Specific Tabs

Assembly Qty Available to Make

Shows each component of an assembly and quantity needed to make the assembly, amount of available stock for each component, and gives a grand total of how many can be made.
Use in IMI, Item Maintenance, Order Entry, and Assembly Maintenance windows.

Item Audit Trail

Shows the Audit Trail changes for each item. Available for inv_loc, inv_mast, and inv_supplier tables as separate portals.
Use in IMI and Item Maintenance.

New Items

Shows newly created items. Can be filtered in various ways such as any item marked as “temporary”, items in a “default” product group or items created in “x” days.

  • new_itemsnew_items

Non-Moving Inventory

Shows items that have not had usage in “x” number of months. Also shows company wide usage, making it easier to show locations to which you can potentially transfer that non moving inventory.

  • non_moving_inventorynon_moving_inventory

Replenishment Method Review

Shows items in your system with usage and current replenishment method and quantities. Depending on user settings, this can be easily saved to an excel file that can then be modified and used to update items using pricing services.

  • replenishment_method_reviewreplenishment_method_review

Web Items Missing Categories

Shows items that should show on the B2B website but do not have categories associated with them.

Open Transactions

Open Inventory Returns

Shows open inventory returns

Open MFG Rep Orders

Shows open manufacturer rep orders

Open Purchase Orders

Shows open POs grouped by supplier then by PO. Highlights POs that are late, not printed or not confirmed.

  • open_poopen_po

Open RMAs

Shows Open RMAs

  • open_rmasopen_rmas

Open Sales Orders

Shows all open orders (can be altered to be filtered by any criteria needed, such as company or location)

  • open_ordersopen_orders

Open Secondary Processes

Shows open secondary process POs

  • open_secondary_processopen_secondary_process

Open Service Orders

Shows open service orders

Open Service Quotes

Shows open service quotes

Open Transfers

Shows open transfers grouped by from location, to location then transfer no

  • open_transfersopen_transfers

Open Purchase Orders

Show all purchase orders that are still open. Can show if the PO has been confirmed (using a field like PO class). Can help identify POs that are past due.


New Purchasing Specific Tabs

PO Add On Items

A tab in purchase order entry that shows top items based on usage sold by supplier of the PO that is open. This shows items with usage, quantities on hand and on PO. Portal tab is used to show items that could possibly be used as filler items to meet supplier minimums for POs or freight.
Use in Purchase Order Entry.

Production Order Components Needed

Available in a tree or grid view.

  • prod_order_components_needed_gridprod_order_components_needed_grid
  • prod_order_components_needed_treeprod_order_components_needed_tree

Purchase Price Overrides

Shows purchase order lines that had purchase prices manually changed

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Sales Order Lines Needed

Service Parts Needed


Supplier Email Log

Shows email log for supplier.

Supplier Notes

Shows all non-deleted supplier notes with the ability to drill into Supplier Notepad Maintenance to edit the note

  • supplier_notessupplier_notes

Supplier Pricing


Unlinked Purchase Orders

Shows order lines with backordered quantities and POs with unlinked quantities on them. Some users find it very helpful to link all backorders to purchase orders to be able to set customer expectations properly

  • unlinked_posunlinked_pos

Vendor Notes

Shows all non-deleted Vendor notes with the ability to drill into Vendor Notepad Maintenance to edit the note

Vendor Supplier Email Log

  • vendor_supplier_email_logvendor_supplier_email_log


Customer Item Price *


Customer List


  • customer_listcustomer_list

Customer Notes

Shows all non-deleted customer notes with the ability to drill into Customer Notepad Maintenance to edit the note

  • customer_notescustomer_notes

Customer Pricing *

Shows customer pricing libraries with books and pages under them. Allows for easily viewing pricing structure of a customer.
Use in Order Entry, CMI, and Customer Maintenance.

Customer Pricing Method *

Shows a list of all customers with pricing method, source price, and assigned libraries

  • customer_pricingcustomer_pricing

Customer Summary


  • customer_summarycustomer_summary

Customers with Sales Down

Shows customers who are not invoiced previous average month to date amount

  • customer_sales_downcustomer_sales_down

Duplicate Customer Contacts

Shows contacts that are potentially duplicates setup under the same customer.

  • duplicate_contactsduplicate_contacts

Duplicate Ship-Tos

Shows ship tos that are potentially duplicates setup under the same customer.

Job Contracts Expiring Soon

Shows job contracts that will be expiring soon or that have already expired

Job Contract

Available with varying level of detail in a grid or tree view.

  • job_contract_detailsjob_contract_details
  • job_contract_gridjob_contract_grid
  • job_contract_treejob_contract_tree

Lost Sales


Monthly Sales by Customer

Shows sales summarized by customer in monthly buckets

  • monthly_customer_salesmonthly_customer_sales

Monthly Sales by Product Group

Shows sales summarized by product group in monthly buckets

  • monthly_prod_group_salesmonthly_prod_group_sales

Monthly Sales by Sales Rep

Shows sales summarized by salesrep in monthly buckets

  • monthly_sales_by_salesrepmonthly_sales_by_salesrep

Order Audit Trail *

Shows the Audit Trail changes. Available for Header and Line information as separate portal tabs.
Use in Order Entry.

Order Expediting

Show open sales orders that are likely to be late based on customer required date and expected PO receipts dates. Can look to open POs to see if a PO is coming in after date on sales order. Shows back-ordered items without an open PO.

  • order_expediting_all_takersorder_expediting_all_takers

RMA Receipts by Item


  • rma_receipts_by_itemrma_receipts_by_item

Sales Pages not in Books

Shows all non-deleted sales pricing pages that are not currently assigned to a price book. Helps to identify assignments that might have been overlooked when creating or importing the pages

  • sales_pages_not_in_bookssales_pages_not_in_books

Sales Price Overrides

Shows sales order lines that had sales prices manually changed

  • sales_price_overridessales_price_overrides

Service Hours Worked *

Tab in service order entry that shows all service labor grouped by service item then by technician. This helps to quickly summarize all hours worked for the service order that is currently open.
Use in Service Order Entry.

Shippable Items

Shows open orders and the percentage of the order that can currently be shipped. Grouped by order and can be expanded to show order lines.

Stock Status


  • stock_statusstock_status

Stocking Info by Line

Shows stocking information that is recorded in a custom table when orders are created or edited. This is based on a custom trigger that must be in place before the portal can show any data. Used to see how many times items are added to orders as fully allocated, out of stock or direct ships

Tracking No Info

Lets a user look up order information when all they have is a tracking no

Unallocated Back Orders

Shows any sales order line that has a back-ordered disposition but has free stock available.

  • unallocated_backordersunallocated_backorders

Unapproved Orders

Shows orders that are marked as unapproved

Unconfirmed Pick Tickets

Shows a list of open pick tickets that have not been confirmed with relevant fields such as print date, customer, and tracking number. This is helpful when finding pick tickets that are old or have tracking numbers assigned to them to see if they should be billed to the customer.

  • unconfirmed_pick_ticketsunconfirmed_pick_tickets

Warranty Claims


System Administration

External Crystal Report Assignment by Report

Shows crystal external reports that have been setup in the system and who those reports are assigned to

  • external_crystal_report_assignment_by_reportexternal_crystal_report_assignment_by_report

Portal Assignment

Available with two different views:
1. Shows all portals that are installed in your system and shows the users who have those portals assigned to them. This is a tree view that has portal grouping first.

2. Shows all roles/users in your system and what portals are assigned to them. This is a tree view that has role/user groupings first.

  • portal_assignment_by_elementportal_assignment_by_element
  • portal_assignment_by_role_userportal_assignment_by_role_user

Role Users

Shows all roles in the system and the users in those roles. This is helpful when making screen or menu changes or adding external reports or portals so that you know who it is going to effect.

  • role_usersrole_users

Training Assignments

Shows users open training assignments. This requires a business rule that lets someone create training assignments for their users

Wireless Picking Audit

Shows wireless picking activity for a pick ticket that is entered as a parameter


* Items with an asterisk are implemented in specific windows as an extra tab and not in the main Portal view. 

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